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    Our current focus areas include...

    Eugene Transportation Plan

    Can we establish a Eugene transportation plan that will realistically meet our community GHG emissions reduction targets?
    Community wiki pagesCity of Eugene web pages

    Envision Eugene
    Can we establish real community consensus around high-quality compact urban growth that protects established neighborhoods?
    Community wiki pagesCity of Eugene web pages

    Please see our community wiki pages and online discussion area for latest info!

    Friends of Eugene Annual Meeting
    October 14, 2010 - Eugene Public Library
    Featured Speaker:
    Jason Miner - Executive Director, 1000 Friends of Oregon

    When and how does our community get serious about slashing our carbon footprints?

    Eugene Climate Planning and Analysis
    Eugene Climate Plan 2010 Mock-up

    White Paper on Infill and Climate Change

    Please join our two-way "foe_discuss" and
    announcements-only "foe_members" email lists
    for updates and actions...

    An emerging new vision for west Eugene
    Building community consensus around integrated land use, transpoation, and environmental solutions.
    The WEC final report achieved full formal consensus on March 18, 2009, and has been released:
    A New Vision for West Eugene (PDF)

    A good try, but no dice, from City planning department:
    South Ridgeline Habitat Study (SRHS)

    Friends of Eugene is a coalition of individuals and organizations who care about the future of Eugene. We value the high quality of life that we enjoy here and believe that the small-town atmosphere and outstanding natural environment contribute greatly to the livability of our city. We wish to preserve these qualities.

    The unprecedented growth Eugene faces in the next few years could change forever the complexion of our town. Thus, we are at a critical point where planning and policy decisions made over the next few years will significantly shape the future character of our town.

    While we recognize that change is inevitable, we believe that growth management is essential to protect and preserve the qualities we value most. Good planning and sensible land use policies will provide benefits to Eugeneans far into the future. To accomplish this, we believe that citizens need to be actively involved in the process. We seek to encourage and facilitate citizen involvement in planning issues.

    We are dedicated to upholding and extending the fine tradition of comprehensive, long-range planning which was started in Oregon over 30 years ago, while adding our planet's most newly-recognized needs and our most up-to-date collective knowledge to the process.

    Please Join Us!

    Friends of Eugene Goals

    • Encourage policies and planning practices to reduce the community carbon footprint, at least to the state adopted standards.
    • Encourage policies and planning practices that preserve or enhance the livability and quality of life in Eugene.
    • Improve and expand Eugene's system of parks, open areas, greenbelts and natural areas.
    • Increase emphasis on pedestrian, bicycle and alternative transportation throughout the city.
    • Achieve full recovery of the impact costs of new development on roads, sewers, water and electricity, schools and other public services.
    • Improve the quality of all new development in the city through design standards and a public review process.
    • Promote growth management to keep the area's growth rate down and maintain a healthy local economy.
    • Direct local economic development efforts towards local small businesses (rather than large out-of town corporations).
    • Increase citizen awareness of, and involvement in, key planning and land use issues through regular public meetings, hosting speakers and sponsoring public forums on timely issues.

    Friends of Eugene Membership

    Your membership, support, and contributions are essential to keep Friends of Eugene going!
    Special Current Needs: Community education, engagement, and organizing around Envision Eugene and the new 20-year transportation plan - the Eugene TSP - replacement for TransPlan. Technical and grassroots support for reducing Eugene's community carbon footprint.
    Would you like to fund a campaign for a new tree ordinance in Eugene?

    Any amount is appreciated, small or large!

    Regular Member: $35   Low-Income Member: $15
    Contributing Member: $60   Sustaining Member: $100

    Please send checks to:     Friends of Eugene, PO Box 50753, Eugene, OR 97405

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    Email Lists

    Please join the Friends of Eugene "members" announcements-only email list, to help stay in touch. You're welcome and invited whether or not you're a dues paying member. Just visit:

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    And please consider joining the Friends of Eugene general discussion email list to contribute ideas, information, and events in a two-way email conversation format. Visit:

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    To send your own message to the discussion list, first subscribe as above, and then address your email to "".

    Privacy Note: Friends of Eugene does not exchange the names and addresses of its members with other organizations.

    Board of Directors

    Kevin Matthews, designated spokesperson
    541-345-7421 - office and messages

    Board Members:
    Charles Biggs
    David G. Hinkley - Vice President
    Kevin Matthews - President
    Candace Nelson
    Deborah Noble - Treasurer
    Cary Thompson - Secretary

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